nd wearing a silk pajamas, and squeezed into a lounge chair with me. The bedroom was still a bit big after all, although the fire in the fireplace was very hot. But the window still looked a little cold. Betty took out a blanket and put it on us.

At this time, I told Alia what Jekis asked me to do.

Hearing what I said, Alia gave me an angry look and said to me: “Why are you telling me now that this kind of thing takes time to prepare, and the inscription presentation of Yerkes scholars is about to begin. It’s too late to prepare anything.”

“What else do I need to prepare?” I asked Alia in a bit of 南京桑拿会所 amazement, and then said to her: “There are two masters in front of us who want to use this showroom, I I thought it would be a simple layout for the next night!”

Alia lightly placed a finger on my forehead and said to me: “Because someone lined up in front of you to use this exhibition hall, the only time to decorate the exhibition hall In just one night, so many things have to be prepared in advance. I guess 南京桑拿会所网 you haven’t even measured how big the exhibition hall is!”

I nodded honestly.

Alia wiped her lips gently with her fingers. Her skin was very white. After the bath, her lips became bright red and sexual.

Maybe it was talking about what she was good at. She sat up from the recliner and dangled her large wavy hair casually, and asked Betty to find some blank parchments for her, and said to me: “Since what I didn’t have time to prepare, so I had to simply decorate it and tell me, what do you show as exhibits in this exhibition?”

Seeing Alia’s solemn expression, I had to sit up on the recliner. , Gave her a detailed introduction to the magic table lamp that Yerkes scholars will show this time. She Qianqiansu held a charcoal pen in her hand and sketched the outline of the exhibition hall with a few 南京夜生活论坛 strokes on the parchment. I

did not expect to see the Nick Club again. It was at this winter inscription exhibition.

He was wearing an elegant aristocratic dress and looked very energetic