used to eating those saber-toothed tiger meat and oatmeal, they will have a hard time forgetting the taste of these fragrant oatmeal, but those oatmeal can’t last long, and soon they will They will eat up 南京龙凤网these wheat cakes, and then go back to the old way to dig up plant rhizomes in the damp underground, collect mushrooms and moss from the caves to satisfy their hunger. When we once again enter Xinliu Valley with the exquisite food, maybe those goblins are already looking forward to us! To be continued.

147. Sit back and wait for the

rabbit to pass through the mirror-smooth portal, and once again walked into the underground cave of Xinliu Valley, a chilly breath quickly wrapped my body, making me shiver, high-skinned The boots stepped on the altar. The green moss on the altar made the ground very slippery. If I accidentally stepped on a broken blue brick, my body suddenly lost its center of gravity. I leaned back and crashed into one. In a gentle embrace.

“Hey, damn Giga, you can’t be more careful, you hurt me!”江苏桑拿论坛

Becky had just walked out of the portal, and I happened to fall into her arms on my back. She couldn’t dodge and smashed into me firmly. The towering chest must have been hit hard by me, mine. The back can clearly feel that the huge pair of rabbits are very elastic. Although she wanted to protect with her hands, she was worried that the sharp small buckler on her arm would cut me.南京桑拿会所网 Finally, she gritted her teeth and gave up, making me fall firmly. Into her arms.

The algae-green hair hangs down and traverses my face, there is a faint tulip smell, sexy lips evoke a curved arc, and there is an invisible blush on my cheeks, maybe I want Covering up my shyness, maybe there is still a slight anger in my heart, she pushed me away from her savagely, I staggered upright, and gently touched my nose, with a trace of teasing in my 南京桑拿夜网 eyes. Staring at her long curly hair with a big wavy smile, Hippie smiled and said to her: “Sorry, I just slipped under my feet, the moss here is so slippery!”